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Experience the tropical paradise in your own home with the Limited Release Twisted Mist Bahama Mama Wine Kit. This unique kit is designed specifically for home wine makers like you, who appreciate the art of crafting their own exquisite wines. The kit is packed with flavors that will transport you straight to the beach. Imagine sipping on a wine that perfectly blends the lushness of pineapple with the creaminess of coconut, the sweetness of dark rum, and a twist of tangy orange.

The Limited Release Twisted Mist Bahama Mama Wine Kit includes everything you need to create a tropical masterpiece. You'll find detailed instructions that guide you through the process, ensuring your wine has the perfect balance of flavors. The kit also includes a carefully curated selection of high-quality ingredients that have been chosen to give your wine that authentic Bahama Mama taste. As you craft your wine, you'll be able to appreciate the complexity of the flavors and the quality of the ingredients. So, why wait? Bring the taste of the tropics to your home with the Limited Release Twisted Mist Bahama Mama Wine Kit.

This kit may appear changed but, this is only on the outside. These kits have been refined by Winexpert to be better in a much smaller package. These kits have moved from a 7.5L Size down to 6L all while still producing the same amount of wine.

  • Sweetness: Sweet
  • Body: Light
  • Oak Intensity: None
  • Kit Size: 6L
  • ABV: 6.5-7%
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