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Briess Black Malt is a specialty malt used to give a dark color and robust roasted flavor to your beer. Made from premium six-row barley, this malt is perfect for a variety of beer styles, including porters, stouts, and robust ales. Rich, deep flavors of coffee, chocolate, and roasted nut are just some of the characteristics you can expect from this dark malt. The dark color and intense flavor of Briess Black Malt makes it a great choice for adding complexity to your homebrew. Give your beer a unique, full-bodied flavor with this flavorful and highly versatile malt.

Briess Black Patent Malt 1 lb Known For It's Almost Burnt Flavor. Black Patent Malt Is The Darkest Of The Dark Malts. Getting It's Name From The Shiny Black Leather Know As Patent. It is primarily Used In Dark Porters And Stouts.

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