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Briess Carapils Malt is the perfect choice for any beer-making enthusiast looking to create a smooth and full-bodied beer. This malt extract is made from the finest two-row barley, roasted to perfection to bring out the best flavor and aroma for your brew. This malt extract is designed to add body and a smooth, creamy mouthfeel to your beer, while the natural sweetness of the malt extract will provide a subtle hint of caramel and biscuit-like flavor. Carapils Malt is the perfect choice for any beer looking for a malt-forward flavor, without the astringent, bitter aftertaste. Get ready to impress yourself and your friends with great-tasting beer that you made using Briess Carapils Malt.

  • Balances body & flavor without adding color
  • Typical Color L: 1.3
  • Flavor contributions: no flavor or color contribution
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