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Briess Unmalted Roasted Barley is the perfect addition to any beer-making recipe. This unmalted barley is roasted to a deep, dark color, giving your beer a unique flavor and aroma. It adds a nutty, roasted flavor to your beer, and can be used to add complexity and body to any beer style. It also adds a deep red color to your beer, making it stand out from the crowd. With Briess Unmalted Roasted Barley, you can create a unique beer that will be sure to impress your friends and family

Briess Unmalted Roasted Barley 10 lb is great for adding coffee flavor in porter and stout. It is also great for brewing nut brown ales. It has a very intense bitter flavor with coffee overtones and produces a very dry flavor with a lighter color than most dry flavor producing grains unmalted, meaning just that, never germinated. It will not add to the final alcohol content because none of the starches are converted into sugars.


  • Moisture 5.0%
  • Color 300º Lovibond
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