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Briess American White Wheat is the perfect malt for adding a unique flavor profile to your home-brewed beer. This malt is made from premium, high-quality white wheat grain, giving it a light, slightly sweet flavor. It's ideal for light-colored beers, like light ales, wheat beers, and pilsners, and adds a refreshing and unique character to your beer. Its high protein and husk content make it an excellent choice for improving head retention and body, while its light color ensures your beer will remain light in color. With Briess American White Wheat, you can create an enjoyable, unique beer for your family and friends to enjoy.

Typical Analysis
  • Mealy / Half / Glassy
  • 98% / 2% / 0% Plump
  • 80% Thru
  • 2% Moisture
  • 4.0% Extract FG, Dry Basis
  • 85.0% Extract CG, Dry Basis
  • 84.0% Extract FG/CG Difference
  • 1.0% Protein
  • 12.0% S/T
  • 44.0 Alpha Amylase
  • 48 Diastatic Power (Lintner)
  • 160 Color
  • 2.5o Lovibond


  • Kosher: UMK Pareve

Storage and Shelf Life

Store in a temperate, low humidity, pest free environment at temperatures of <90 oF. Improperly stored malts are prone to loss of freshness and flavor. Whole kernel diastatic and preground malts are best when used within 6 months from date of manufacture. Whole kernel roasted malts may begin experiencing a slight flavor loss after 18 months.

Sensory Profile

  • grainy
  • honey
  • bready
  • sweet 5
  • malty
  • bread dough

The average sensory profile shows the intensity of flavors and aromas perceived in a Congress Mash1 wort by the Briess Malt Sensory Panel. Usage will influence how these flavors are perceived in the final beer.

  • biscuit
  • wheat flour
  • Wheat Malt Sweet Malty Wheat
  • Mild bread dough Contributes light straw color


  • Use as part or all of base malt in wheat beers
  • When using more than 50% consider using a filtering aid for efficient lautering
Suggest Usage
  • 5% Improves head and head retention in any beer style
  • 10-20% Kolsch
  • 30-40% Use with raw wheat or wheat flakes in traditional Belgian Wit
  • 50+ Functions as base malt when used alone or with Base Malt in American Wheat Beers

The data listed under typical analysis are subject to the standard analytical deviations. They represent average values, not to be considered as guarantees, expressed or implied, nor as a condition of sale. The product information contained herein is correct, to the best of our knowledge. As the statements are intended only as a source of information, no statement is to be construed as violating any patent or copyright.

The parameters of a Congress Mash include malt grind, liquor-to-grist-ratio, temperature ramps and holds, and filtration. The process uses 50 grams of malt and 400 milliliters of water. Conversion is usually complete within 2.5 hours with a final conversion step of 70C (158F). This mash determines extract, viscosity, color, beta glucans, turbidity and soluble protein. 

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