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REKS Sour Malt contains up to 4.5 % natural lactic acid, the reason why it is very well suited for adjusting the pH value of the mash. 

Ireks Sour Malt (Acidulated Malt) is produced with natural lactic acid bacteria. It is used to adjust mash pH for sour beers. Ireks Sour Malt Grains are the perfect choice for creating an authentic, traditional beer. These grains are specially designed to deliver a tart, sour flavor that will bring a unique and memorable taste to your beer. The malting process used to create this grain ensures that it will remain fresh and flavorful, even after long periods of storage. The malted grain is perfect for making sour beer styles such as Berliner Weisse, Gose, and Lambic. With these malts, you can easily create a unique, sour beer that will truly be a hit with your friends and family. Join the newest trend and try some sour malt in your next brew today!

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