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Your Swaen Munich Dark Malt is a traditional Munich malt used in beer making. This malt is made from high-quality, German-grown barley that has been lightly kilned to develop intense malt flavor and aroma. The result is a full-bodied, dark amber beer with a distinctive, malty flavor profile. Swaen Munich Dark Malt offers a rich aroma of sweet caramel, toasted bread, and roasted nuts, with a hint of raisin and prune. In the flavor, there are notes of biscuit, coffee, and chocolate, with a slightly nutty finish. This malt is perfect for making dark lagers, bocks, and doppelbocks, as well as providing a great base for craft beer recipes.

Adding Munich malt to your homebrew can provide a rich, dark, and malty flavor. Boasted to 8 Lovibond, this deep orange/straw colored malt is perfect for brewing Oktoberfest or Märzen styles. Although this malt has a low diastatic power, it can be used as a base malt, but it is best used in combination with another base malt, such as 2-row.

  • Lovibond: 8
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